Service Agreement

PCTECH Service Maintenance Agreements

Do you own or are responsible for managing a business. If you have several computers, printers and servers networked, you know how troubling IT can be when it is not function properly. If when it is operational, infinite number of viruses and spammers are targeting your mail servers and try to wreak havoc on your company's infrastructure. Any amount of downtime means lost revenue and also exposes security risks to your business in terms of loss of customer data and privacy.

This is where PCTECH's IT Service Agreement comes to the rescue. For a flat monthly fee, which provides predictable spending, your headaches become our responsibility. You essentially outsource your internal IT services to us. Our experienced technicians will...

  • Manage and maintain your network server and workstation
  • Monitor and take appropriate measures to minimize critical problems with the network systems
  • Ensure all software and operating systems are patched for latest security
  • Assess any virus and spyware infections and take appropriate action to cleanse and protect the systems
  • Monitor server's critical data, including any virtual machines or cloud backup containers
  • Provide priority helpdesk support to customers as needed
  • Dispatch technician in a timely manner, if remote support cannot resolve issue
  • Provide basic IT consulting to service agreement customer
  • Liaison with other hardware/software vendors in the best interest of our customer
  • Discounted prices on new projects

For a free site assessment and pricing, please email us with some basic details of your organization. We will gladly provide you a solution that will suit your IT and budget.

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